How-To use Sleev

Slide Sleev over the joint of the wire, with the marked side towards the connector, only covering 1/4 of the connector, not completely. Use the paperclip provided to hold Sleev in place before applying heat. Using a heat source (lighter, heat gun, etc.) such as a hair dryer (recommended), evenly distribute heat over Sleev. Keep the heat source (flame, if lighter) approximately 2-3 cm away from Sleev and away from the connector. Apply heat until Sleev has finished shrinking and is tightly wrapped around the connector/marked side and the adhesive is visible.

Remove the paperclip once Sleev’s internal adhesive has released and the marked side of Sleev is tightly wrapped around the connector. You will be able to see adhesive coming out of Sleev onto the connector creating a bond between the connector and Sleev.

Continue to heat the un shrunken part of Sleev until it shrinks to about half of the diameter of Sleev before heat was applied to it.  Sleev WILL NOT SHRINK TIGHTLY to the wire side. there will be a gap between the wire and Sleev. You can read our "How Sleev Works" section for further explanation as to why we incorporated this gap.